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    (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”).
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  6. All information and data, including the visualization stated on this Website, are of an informative nature only.
  7. The terms and conditions of the use of the Website are in force and effect on the day of their publication. The day of publication is 15.4.2019.

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The indicated prices content house unit, garden, terraces and balconies. The indicated prices are excluding VAT and other charges determinated by law. The Operator reserves the right to change the price until the stipulation of the reservation agreement or preliminary purchase agreement with the client.

All information and data, including the visualization and drawings stated on this Website, are of an informative nature only. The GIARDINI TORRE CONCA S.R.L reserves the right to change them.

By completing and submitting the forms from website you give your consent to your personal data being collected, stored, processed and handled for marketing purposes by GIARDINI TORRE CONCA S.R.L. and/or other related parties within the group, specifically: my name, surname, phone number, e-mail, information about communicating with you. You give your consent for an indefinite period of time. This consent can be revoked or your personal data corrected at any time in writing. Moreover, you agree with GIARDINI TORRE CONCA S.R.L. engaging a company GLFO a.s. or any other third party to process your personal data.


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