About Us

GLFO is the investment company behind the Giardini di Cefalu and Giardini di Torre Conca projects in Sicily.

Founded in 2009 by Giovanni Lainati, GLFO has become a key player in real estate investment. The developments in Sicily are two of eighteen real estate projects in which the GLFO is currently involved. From commercial spaces to luxury homes, the developments are located throughout the Czech Republic, Italy and Poland for a total area of over 1 million square meters.

Thanks to its solid track record, GLFO is now opening its business platform to new investors, becoming one of the leading operators on the international real estate scene.

The company’s mission is to seek new opportunities for growth and investment throughout Europe and the United States. GLFO participates exclusively in large real estate ventures, working alongside leading local developers, while maintaining a supervisory role over each project.

About Giovanni Lainati, CEO of GLFO

Before working in the real estate investment sector, Giovanni Lainati began his career as an international lawyer in Milan, the city where he grew up.

In 1999 he co-founded and directed World Wide Acquisition Consultants Ltd and Partecipazioni Holding s.r.l., two companies which dealt with the analysis and evaluation of investment opportunities for corporate groups.

After gaining experience as a financial advisor for small and medium-sized businesses, in 2003 Giovanni became general manager of ICKM Real Estate s.r.o., a company active in the real estate sector with important projects in Central and Eastern Europe with investments in Russia and the Czech Republic.

From 2003 to 2007 the company grew exponentially thanks to progressive acquisitions, attracting significant investors such as Banco Popolare Group. In 2007 Giovanni spearheaded the sale of the group to GE Real Estate Central & Eastern Europe and Crestyl for a gross value of approximately 500 million Euro.

From 2008 to 2010 Giovanni was MD of Veronagest S.p.A., with targeted investments in the renewable energy sector, a company with annual revenues of 100 million Euro.

As well as founding GLFO in 2009, since 2012 Giovanni has been the independent director of Mediobanca Management Company S.A. of Mediobanca S.p.A. group, one of the largest investment banks in Italy, specializing in Private Banking, Advisory Services, Financial Services and Banking Services sectors.